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When shippers and transport carriers tender loads directly with each other…everyone wins.

Let’s face it, there can be a lot of games played in the transportation industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate all that and just do honest business with trusted shippers and transport carriers? Yeah…that’s what we think too. is a private network of trusted transport carriers and shippers that can do transparent business directly with each other, saving time and money. more...

Our Mission

  • To provide shippers and their agent’s access to a national network of pre-qualified transport carriers and the functionality to post loads.
  • To provide transport carriers a location to post their daily equipment capacities and view/ find loads.
  • To provide both shippers and carriers load tendering tools to; post, view, negotiate, confirm, coordinate, record, and store all shipping documentation.

Our Goal

  • Facilitate fair and honest transactions: By requiring all transactions to be transparent - it eliminates hidden middle man fees.
  • Create more efficient operations: By providing powerful load tendering tools – it allows everyone to get business done quickly and efficiently.
  • Establish trusted relationships: By pre-qualifying transport carriers and shippers – each party can build a solid and trusted business relationship.
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