It Pays to Go Direct!

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When shippers and transport carriers tender loads directly with each other…everyone wins.

Let’s face it, there can be a lot of games played in the transportation industry. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate all that and just do honest business with trusted shippers and transport carriers? Yeah…that’s what we think too. is a private network of trusted transport carriers and shippers that can do transparent business directly with each other, saving time and money.

If you could create the perfect truckload freight facilitator, what would it be like?

We wanted to know that too, so we collaborated with some of the world’s most forward-thinking shippers and transport carriers to develop a freight transaction exchange system called

Shippers and their agents told us they wanted to offer loads directly to transport carriers they trusted with good safety records. Shippers also wanted a easy to use system that would eliminate multiple phone calls and paper work…all at a commodity price.

We thought that made perfect sense.

ShipperNet assembled talented teams to create powerful web tools that allow each shipper and/or an agent a private network of pre-qualified, preferred safe transport carriers with good safety scores. ShipperNet’s web services allow with electronic signature features, electronic freight document facilitation, exchange, transmission and data storage.

We didn’t stop there. The web guru’s also added load and shipment tendering tools such as freight quoting and bidding and so much more.

The transport carriers told us they wanted legitimate load offers directly from shippers. They wanted to cover their current cost of transport for their efforts as well as minimize paper work. We heard them loud and clear…it had to be affordable and easy to use.

Again, we thought that made perfect sense.

The ShipperNet talent team created an easy to use web tool that simplified their busy schedules and gave the carriers the credibility of being the best of the best. Prequalified, preferred with a good safety rating.

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